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Swann Spy Pen Camera – a sensible hidden security camera solution.

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I just today saw a demo of the new Swann pen camera. You could call this a spy pen camera because it’s very discrete and it certainly a viable hidden security camera solution. Quality wise, this pen camera is impressive. More on that later. The only real detractor is that the recording time is about 45 minutes. That’s good and bad but for such a device you can’t expect long battery life. Getting that out of the way you can determine whether this Swann pen camera can help solve one of your security issues.

Mini Review – Swann HD PenCam – SWVID-PEN720

First things first. This is a working pen first and foremost. It comes with 2 ink refills! But seriously it does record 720p quality video and jpeg images. The quality of the video is at 720p (1280 x 720) and is stored as an .avi format. The photo abilities are equally impressive at 1600 x 1200 resolution. You need a microSD card for the spy pen and you can have up to a whopping 16GB capacity. Again it’s not the storage that’s the issue, it’s the battery life of 45 minutes that will hold you back a bit. To recharge the battery you hook it up to you computer USB port. It’s compatible with Windows 7 / Vista / XP, and Mac OS X.

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