Wireless Security Camera System – Bad for the Bad Guy

This photo sums up my thoughts. We are a website focused on home security and business security. We also want to open up the website where you feel welcome to post your thoughts and opinions regarding wireless security camera system products and privacy concerns. I live in Canada and we have these folks who say they represent the public and in the protection of privacy. You have those types of organizations in your city or town? Do they make it on the news when there is some type of privacy issue or some issue with the police investigating police? Oh, you see these folks pop up on the news anytime there is expansion of a wireless security camera system or any security camera expansion or projects. Where I’m from you can’t avoid it. These folks claim to represent us, the general public, from the government and police who want to take away our freedoms. Ok, hand on for a second. Right there STOP. Enough already.

These privacy advocates have been on the radio and I’ve called them up on the radio and challenged them outright. Scripted replies is what I always get. I know I’m right and I know they are wrong. The issue is that anytime a city wants to increase or enhance their wireless security camera system, these privacy advocates say it’s bad for all of us. The expansion is dangerous and takes away our rights to privacy. Okay easy for you to say Mr or Mrs advocate. Why don’t you ask a family member of a rape victim or a victim of an assualt or murder. Better yet, talk to those families who have no closure because the criminal got away. There were no witnesses to the attack. This happens all the time. Criminals get away. So if Mr or Mrs advocate had their loved one taken from them would they sing a different song? Would they change their tune? Certainly they would. They are so against security cameras that they would refuse to allow video proof of the assault? They would say no, I advocate for privacy so please don’t use that footage from that security camera system to catch the criminal.

Oh but of course privacy advocates have a canned response. They say? They object to security camera system expansion because it doesn’t reduce crime! It doesn’t do what the police and politicians say it will do! Let me challenge that garbage rebuttle. Who is claiming that a wireless security camera system reduces violence? Who says that putting up a security camera will keep people out of criminal activity. NOBODY IS SAYING THAT. Isn’t expanding or using better wireless security camera systems done in an effort to catch the criminal? Less money for cops on the beat, so sometimes a security camera might help. I say the point of security camera systems is NOT to reduce crime or to reduce criminal behavior, but rather a security camera is used to catch criminals. Sure it’s possible that if you start catching enough criminals and they see their criminal friends getting arrested because their face was shown on the news, then they might start reconsidering what they are doing. Then again, does an assaulter or murdered stop and think or look up to see if there is a security camera watching them? I think not. The argument that police and politicians are expanding security camera systems to reduce crime is a red herring. It’s not the primary benefit.

So ignore these talking heads from privacy advocate groups. They are ignorant, they are hypocritical. Again, easy to criticize or advocate against security camera systems until you see your loved one hurt or killed and nobody is held accountable or arrested. Their advocacy is paper thin. It’s only because they haven’t bothered to listen to victims and victims families who are left without justice. If you said to those families that a security camera feed was retrieved from the location of the crime and will run on the news, how would they feel? Don’t you think they would become advocates of having more security camera systems and better quality security cameras so that criminals get caught?

I’ve certainly had my say for now. How about you?



One Response to “Wireless Security Camera System – Bad for the Bad Guy”

  1. RP says:

    What are these privacy paranoiacs afraid of? Are they worried they will end up on the evening news because they wore shoes and a belt that didn’t match? Or because they had a bad hair day?

    Give me a break… nobody watching will care (and typically no one is watching anyway, until there is some kind of incident.) Also, the video will eventually get deleted (data storage still costs money and is not unlimited.) Every day, hundreds of thousands of hours of surveillance video gets recorded and susequently deleted (because nothing happened.)

    Nobody will ever see surveillance video of you unless you are doing something interesting – i.e. criminal – and if so, you deserve to end up on TV on “Caught on Tape.”


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